Normally, we do not report on Internet services designed for the largest business and government organizations. In most instances, R & D Enterprises rarely has the opportunity to consult and contract services for these size entities. We are mostly a small business Internet, telecommunications, and consultancy partnership. However, from time-to-time we are asked to render our opinion on other Internet based services and their potential for growth and market share in the ‘online’ services universe. Recently, a group of venture capitalists asked us for our analysis of Invoice Insight and we have to admit it’s a winner.

If your company or organization spends $50,000 or more per month on telephone or telecom services, you are probably overpaying by 10-30% and maybe more. Invoice Insight has developed a proprietary online system that utilizes the electronic record-keeping and automated payments systems of the major phone carriers nationwide to more effectively analyze usage, correctness of billed services, and employ their electronic payments systems efficiently. Some may say it isn’t sexy, but when we took a look at the typical monthy savings versus the cost of the service, we decided that you should take Invoice Insight to breakfast, lunch and dinner when you go to the telephone and telecom services cafeteria.

If you follow our analogy, Invoice Insight makes sure you don’t end up with a total ‘a la carte’ approach to telecom services, which undoubtedly is always the most expensive way to proceed. And, they also make sure you get the right ‘blue plate special’ for your organizations’ tastes and appetite. Each and every State in the USA has a PUC (Public Utilites Commission) and while there are guidelines, standard policies and practices, and Federal laws to govern their actions, one could easily conclude that tariff’s for telecom services is an arcane magical pursuit at best. Too many competing ideologies and business strategies by the telecom providers are embedded in the tariff’s and don’t forget that PUC’s are political creatures, so it may be impossible to untangle what agenda’s lie hidden there.

The good news is that, once all these underlaying considerations are applied, a telecom customer gets a final monthly statement of the outcome of all this stewing by competing telecom chefs. Most people review their ‘check’ at the restaurant for correctness, and more importantly, as a guide for a possible future visit to the same establishment. If the price/value ratio meets your expectations for service, quality, and budget, then a particular restaurant will probably stay on your list for a return engagement. We think you should let Invoice Insight be your partner the next time you go to the telecom services restaurant. Take their advice when ordering off the menu, let them critique the service, and most importantly, they will assist in paying the ‘tab’ in the most efficient manner.