Travel used to mean being cut off from the Internet. With the introduction over 10 years ago of WiFi (a method of wireless connection to the Internet) , our options to get on the information super-highway started to increase. At First, this type of access was short range and usually limited to a physical location. Starbucks coffee locations began to offer free access via WiFi. Soon we began to notice people in public places with their laptops and portable PC’s in front of them and totally oblivious to the outside world. It’s eerie to be at a restaurant with another four person party at a nearby table and all those four people on a computer and/or cell phone at the same time, in some cases texting to each other on their devices.

Soon it became cruise ships and now airplanes in the sky where one could connect via WiFi. Internet access via WiFi (in some cases, not free) is currently being advertised as a selling point in many physical locations and modes of transport where we can get connected. For example, one day round trip bus excursions from Washington, DC to Broadway plays in New York City advertise WiFi as an option while traveling in both directions. You know it’s fully arrived when you can get it on the bus.